Kommute + Figma Makes It Easy to Explain Your Creativity

Learn how to combine your creative use of Figma with an expressive explanation of your design
Hanna Oliveto
November 2020

The design process often requires a lot of back and forth communication to conceive, review, and approve creative work. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain or give feedback on a concept through text because the words you use to discuss design come to you as organically as the design itself. That’s why we are excited to announce that Kommute is now integrated with Figma Design! 

By making it easy to attach your Figma designs directly to a video message, Kommute combines your creative use of Figma with an expressive explanation of your design. Whether you’re sharing early sketches, discussing revisions, or presenting final designs, our Figma integration helps you clearly articulate your creative thinking. ‍

Use Cases:

  • Explaining revisions; Clearly articulate the reasons behind changing a design through video.
  • Giving or requesting feedback; Employ body language, tone, and facial expressions in a video message to give effective feedback on a design.
  • Presenting design concepts; Explain the creative thinking behind your design with an expressive video message.
  • Demonstrating interface prototypes; Walk co-workers or customers through your design with a screen share.

If you’re a Figma user and want to take advantage of this integration why not create your free Kommute account today?!

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