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Learn how Kommute makes it easy to seamlessly integrate video messages into your existing workflow
Hanna Oliveto
August 2020

Although video messaging has many benefits for remote teams, implementing it in your daily workplace communication may seem challenging at first. It might be hard to get your team on board or simply to convince everyone to try something new. 

We recognize the barriers teams face when changing their communication habits, so we’ve made it our mission to eliminate all the friction in adopting video messaging. By integrating with popular productivity tools such as Calendly, Airtable, and Miro, Kommute makes it easy to seamlessly integrate video messages into your existing workflow. 

This article will show you how Kommute makes it easy to pair video messaging with your favorite productivity tools for better remote team communication, relationships, and productivity. 

Calendly: Use the persuasive power of video to schedule more meetings 

While Calendly makes it easy to schedule meetings, sometimes the challenge is simply convincing guests to agree to meet in the first place. By embedding Calendly right into your video message, Kommute combines the persuasive power of video with the convenience of online scheduling. Whether you’re engaging prospects, or recruiting talent, our Calendly integration helps you schedule more meetings.

Use cases:

  • Sales Prospecting; Increase the chances a cold prospect will schedule a meeting with a personalized, persuasive video message.
  • Customer Support; Send a quick video message to answer a support question with the option to schedule a meeting for further discussion.
  • Recruiting; attach an introductory video message when scheduling interviews or onboarding meetings to create a great first impression.

Airtable: Give your data and data requests the proper context

While Airtable makes it easy to collect and share data, sometimes additional context needs to be added when sharing forms and views. By allowing you to attach Airtable forms and views directly to a video message, Kommute ensures message recipients hear the full story behind your data or data requests. Whether you’re conducting a survey, or summarizing survey results, our Airtable integration makes it fast and easy to provide the necessary context. 

Use Cases:

  • Conducting surveys; Share a persuasive video message with your survey form to increase the likelihood you’ll get a response.
  • Gathering feedback; Give context to your feedback requests with an expressive video message.
  • Collecting data; Ensure recipients know the reasoning behind your data requests with a quick video message. 
  • Sharing lists; Attach you lists to a descriptive video message to ensure all data is understood.

Figma: Add a creative description to your creative designs

The design process often requires a lot of back and forth communication to conceive, review, and approve creative work. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain or give feedback on a concept through text because the words you use to discuss design come to you as organically as the design itself. 

By making it easy to attach your Figma designs directly to a video message, Kommute combines your creative use of Figma with an expressive explanation of your design. Whether you’re sharing early sketches, discussing revisions, or presenting final designs, our Figma integration helps you clearly articulate your creative thinking. 

Use Cases:

  • Explaining revisions; Clearly articulate the reasons behind changing a design through video. 
  • Giving or requesting feedback; Employ body language, tone, and facial expressions in a video message to give effective feedback on a design.
  • Presenting design concepts; Explain the creative thinking behind your design with an expressive video message.
  • Demonstrating interface prototypes; Walk co-workers or customers through your design with a screen share.

Miro: Add context to the results of collaborative whiteboard sessions

Miro is a great online tool for real-time collaborative whiteboard sessions, but much of the context of a whiteboard is lost on those who didn’t attend the session. You often need to walk people through a whiteboard so they can understand what they're looking at, which can feel like repeating the whole meeting all over again. Kommute integrates with Miro so you can easily attach your board directly to a video message, allowing you to share the context of a whiteboard session without requiring a real-time meeting. While Miro captures the results of a whiteboard session, Kommute ensures everyone knows the discussion and decisions that got you there.

Use Cases:

  • Describing Boards; Walk co-workers or clients through your whiteboard with a screen-recording.
  • Summarizing your session; Share a video message along with your board to summarize your collaborative whiteboard session. 
  • Providing feedback; Employ body language, tone, and facial expressions in a video message to give effective feedback on a whiteboard.

Only the Beginning

Our current integrations are just the beginning. We plan on integrating with even more of your favorite productivity tools to make it as easy as possible for you to gain the benefits of video messaging.

Have an idea for a useful integration or a favorite tool you’d like us to integrate with? Send us a video message and let us know here.

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