Schedule More Meetings with Our Calendly Integration

Learn how embedding your Calendly link in a Kommute video message can help you schedule more meetings
Hanna Oliveto
August 2020

The rapid rise in remote work has come with a new set of workplace challenges. Many companies are recognizing this growing trend and have built tools geared towards solving the specific problems remote teams face. One such tool that has been widely adopted by remote employees and office employees alike is Calendly, a platform that streamlines the scheduling process. 

However, In the age of jam-packed schedules and little down time, scheduling a meeting can be an achievement in itself. At Kommute we recognized this challenge, so that’s why we integrated with Calendly. We believe that combining the persuasive power of video with the convenience of online scheduling will help you schedule more meetings when compared to sending an email that includes your Calendly link. 

Even when scheduling a meeting isn’t the challenge, some meetings could benefit from an introductory message to better prepare participants. By attaching your Calendly scheduler to a short video message, you can introduce key discussion points or meeting agendas items beforehand to make the actual meeting more productive. 

Finally, our Calendly integration can also help you make some meetings completely optional, saving you time and keeping your calendar clear. For example, if someone is asking you to meet because they have a question, you can record a video message with your answer but still provide the option to schedule a meeting for further clarification. 

Use Cases 

  • Sales Prospecting; Increase the chances a cold prospect will schedule a meeting with a personalized, persuasive video message.
  • Customer Support; Send a quick video message to answer a support question with the option to schedule a meeting for further discussion.
  • Recruiting; attach an introductory video message when scheduling interviews or onboarding meetings to create a great first impression.

While Calendly streamlines the scheduling process, Kommute helps make scheduling meetings more personal. Whether you’re engaging prospects, supporting customers, or recruiting talent, our Calendly integration helps you schedule more meetings with better-prepared guests. 

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