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Hanna Oliveto
August 2020

The modern workplace is changing. With the growing trend towards remote work, video is taking a central part in the future of workplace communication. However, while most remote employees frequently engage in real-time video calls, the use cases for recorded video in the workplace have gone largely unnoticed. 

Kommute is a video platform that removes all the friction in creating, sharing and organizing recorded videos, allowing you to communicate faster and more effectively with anyone, anywhere. By integrating video messaging and sharing, Kommute helps remote employees stay productive while communicating more effectively and building strong relationships. 

Send Vmails 

While saying it face-to-face on a video conference call is perfect for some situations, it’s not always the best option. Virtual meetings can be inconvenient, time-consuming and simply unnecessary. By making it easy to send and receive videos with the same simplicity and security as email, Kommute provides an alternative to video conferencing. You can replace unnecessary meetings and long emails with quick video messages to communicate effectively while saving valuable time. 

  • Vmail Address: Create a personal link on the web for anyone to record and send you a video message. 
  • Attachments: Add attachments to your vmails just like you would when sending an email.

Share Videos 

Remote employees often struggle to combat feelings of isolation from their coworkers or company. Kommute video sharing strengthens remote relationships by making it easy to share ideas, information and interests through video. Employees can share videos in team or company-wide video channels to strengthen internal connections or share videos externally with custom video links.

  • Channels: Create video channels to share specific subject matter. For example, you can create an “announcements” channel to share news with teammates or a “fur babies” channel to share funny pet videos. 
  • Video Library: Create an archive of recorded videos organized in channels by subject matter. A video library is essentially an online workspace for you to share and organize videos within a team, company, or the entire world.
  • Shareable Links: Create a custom link to share a recorded video within your team or with the entire world. Anyone you’ve shared the link with can view and respond directly to your video.

While face-to-face communication is the most effective way to get the meaning of your message across, it's simply not always possible. Video provides a unique solution by allowing you to share your face, voice and screen, wherever you are. Until recently, remote employees have been limited in their ability to leverage video in the workplace to synchronous video calls. We believe that video messaging is the missing link in the future of remote communication.

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