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Our mission is to give employers the tools and confidence to make working remotely an employee choice.

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We’re making remote

The future of work is not HQs and office parks. It’s dynamic, distributed companies that recruit and retain talent no matter where it’s found. Kommute helps you prepare for the future of work.


While there are many benefits to having remote employees, there are also many challenges. It can be tricky to keep everyone on the same page when people work in different locations, and creating a unified culture is especially difficult when your company has multiple offices, or no office at all.

If the only thing your remote employees can do to engage their co-workers is share their screen, they won’t have many opportunities to share ideas, surface issues, and celebrate wins. Remote employees need clear goals, virtual “face time,” and the sense that they have an equal voice and experience to those who work in the office.

When remote employees feel uncoached, unappreciated, or unproductive, they often quit without actually quitting. If you don’t make changes, poorly-engaged employees quietly hurt your employee productivity, employment brand and business performance.

Kommute helps employers address the unique challenges to engaging remote teams. It’s an all-in-one solution that automates the busywork in engaging employees so managers can remain focused on achieving more goals, being more productive in 1-on-1 meetings, and gaining more insights from their teams.

While any team or business can use our software, we specialize in addressing the needs of partial or fully-distributed teams. Our mission and our product roadmap are dedicated to their success.

Our Core Values

We strive to live our core values at keep them in the center of how we operate.

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Delight them with every interaction.

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Treat your coworkers like customers.

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Speak candidly and without fear.

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Share your craziest ideas first.

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Ask questions and stay curious.

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Celebrate both wins and lessons.

Welcome to Atlanta

Join the team that’s making remote teams the future of work.

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