Add the convenience of video messaging to your Slack workflow.

Kommute integrates seamlessly with Slack so you can communicate using video messages without changing your current workflow. Slack channels can be linked to Kommute video channels so any videos post tio a video channel also appear in Slack. From sharing project updates, to sharing pet videos on culture channels, Kommute makes it easy to bring the power of asynchronous video to Slack.

Integration Features:

  • Single sign-on (SSO). Authentciate into Kommute using your Slack credentials.
  • Sign up with Slack. Newly-invited teams members can join using their Slack credentials.
  • Post to channel. When creating a video message, creators can choose a Slack channel to auto-post the message.
  • Send as DM. When sending a vmail or a video to specific recipients, the video message will be sent as a DM.
  • Channel linking. Link a Slack channel to a video channel so videos created with Kommute also get posted to Slack.
  • Auto-transcription. No time to watch a video? Kommute transcribes every video message.
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