Introducing Video Messaging

Stay connected with coworkers and customers using the power of short, recorded videos.
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Easy Recording

Quickly record your face, voice, or screen with just your browser.

Instant Sharing

Share videos with specific people, your team, or the entire world.

Powerful Integrations

Connect your favorite apps and APIs to be more productive.

Work remotely. Stay connected.

Use video messages to communicate more effectively with anyone, anywhere.

Send and receive private videos

Share videos with the same simplicity and security as email. Record your message, add email addresses, and click send. Each recipient will receive their own secure link to your video message, and they can even reply with a video of their own.

  • Ensure vmails are sent securely with delivery options restricted to email and DMs.
  • Share your personal vmail address so anyone can send you vmails through a Web link.
  • Connect your address book to make sending secure vmails to your email contacts effortless.
Video Sharing

Record and publish videos anywhere

Record your webcam or screen and share the video link with specific people, your team, or the entire world. Share videos on social networks, in Slack, or wherever else you communicate. Viewers can watch videos on any device.

  • Control access to links to keep both your internal and public videos properly secured.
  • Customize video links so they’re easier to remember and more SEO-friendly.
  • Organize your videos using customizable channels that make finding videos easy.

Be more productive with integrations

Kommute is integrating with more and more popular tools so you can create and watch video messages where you work. Bring your video messages to life through a growing list of interactive embeds.

  • Integrate seamlessly with Slack to post videos to Slack channels and send vmails as DMs.
  • Embed third-party widgets so viewers can interact with them from a vmail or video link.
  • Embed Kommute widgets for call-to-action buttons, forms, file attachments, and more.
Kommute for Teams

Make remote teamwork work

Bring your remote team together to connect and collaborate in a shared video workspace.

Centralized Video Library

Create an internal library of videos only accessible to the team while still allowing team members to send secure, private vmails and share videos publicly.

Shared Video Channels

Create video feeds that keep your remote team informed, aligned, and feeling connected. Organize videos by topic, team, or even personal interests.

Custom Branding

Stay on brand by adding your logo and colors to the Kommute app, video links and vmails.

Team Directory

Search a directory to quickly send vmails to team members, or browse team profiles to learn personal interests, contact information, localized time, and even meeting preferences.

Roles & Privileges

Control administrative access for managing shared channels and user accounts, plus full control over assigning creator or viewer roles to team members.

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Plus these awesome features

Vmail Address

Your personal link for receiving inbound vmail messages.

Video Replies

Vmail and video viewers can reply with a video message.


Click any word in the transcript to jump to that time in the video.

Video Feed

See the latest videos created and shared by you and your team.

Video Uploads

Upload your recorded videos and host them on Kommute.


Attach files and functionality through integrated widgets.


Connect Kommute to Slack to access users and channels.


Record, share and watch video messages from any device.


Localized dates and times for both the team and individuals.

Limitless use cases

The only limit is your imagination.
Promote a new job opening
Share a daily standup update
Onboard and train a new hire
Give coaching to an employee
Share an important announcement
Create a fun, video-based activity
Reengage a cold sales prospect
Extend a job offer to a candidate
Recognize an employee achievement
Welcome a new customer
Demonstrate a physical task
Answer a support question

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