Keep distributed teams engaged and performing

Kommute is people management software for employers with remote workers, multiple offices, or no office.

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The all-in-one solution for remote people management

Give your managers easy-to-use tools for tracking goals, holding 1-on-1s and gathering feedback from employees — no matter where they work.

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Remote Goals

Bring clarity and transparency to everyone’s priorities and progress.

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Remote Conversations

Hold productive 1-on-1 and team meetings with clear outcomes.

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Remote Feedback

Encourage proactive sharing of new ideas and underlying issues.

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Define, assign and achieve goals together

Bring transparency to priorities, encourage ownership of initiatives, and set clear expectations.


Remote employees need clear goals to stay focused and aligned with their manager and team. Kommute organizes individual, team and company goals in one place, making it easy for managers to track goal progress and provide online coaching.

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Create any type of goal.

Use simple goals, SMART goals or OKRs with weighted key results.

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Get updates in your inbox.

Employees are nudged to share goal progress updates regularly.

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Secure private or sensitive goals.

Limit the visiblity of goals to the individual, specific teams or management trees.

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More productive 1-on-1 and team conversations

Give face-to-face and virtual meetings structure and purpose through better preparation.

Good managers know simply giving employees virtual “face time” isn’t enough – each meeting with remote enployees is an opportunity to reconnect and realign. Kommute ensures participants always get what they need out of remote meetings.

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Set your meeting interval.

Create one-time or recurring meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

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Hand out pre-meeting assignments.

Participants are asked to answer assigned questions before the meeting.

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Capture meeting results.

Access a full archive of previous meetings, including shared and private notes.

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Make continuous feedback part of your workplace culture

Build employee trust by giving their issues and ideas the attention they deserve.


Remote employees need to feel they have an equal voice to the employees working in the office. With Kommute, managers and HR can request candid feedback from employees, all in a secure forum with intuitive privacy controls.

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Share feedback and ideas.

Give one-time feedback, coaching or ideas to individuals, groups or departments.

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Request feedback and ideas.

Create a topic, attach a questionnire, and get inbound feedback on a schedule.

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Secure responses appropriately.

Get honest, candid feedback by controlling privacy and anonymity on all requests.

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Remote teamwork with less frustration and more results.

Make everyone feel good about where they work — literally and figuratively.

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  • They feel management is invested
    in their professional growth.
  • They feel empowered to suggest
    changes that benefit everyone.
  • They feel their performance is
    fairly measured and rewarded.
  • They address team issues quickly,
    building team confidence.
  • Their team gets better at
    with other teams.
  • They lose fewer team members
    for reasons that are avoidable.
HR Professionals
  • They spend less time on recruiting
    tasks due to high turnover.
  • They spend less time personally
    employee issues.
  • They can easily collect and report
    key employee metrics.
  • They gain an unfiltered view of
    how employees feel and perform.
  • They plug revenue leaks caused
    by turnover and dysfunction.
  • They get the data needed to make
    great personnel decisions.