Video Messaging @Work

Kommute is the most efficient, effective way to communicate with anyone, anywhere.


Record. Share. Succeed.

Whether you’re communicating with coworkers, customers or candidates, Kommute ensures you’re always sending the right message.
What can video and voice messages do for you?

The Ultimate Guide to Video Messaging @Work

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How it Works

Combine media, text, and your favorite tools to create productivity-boosting video and voice messages that are instantly shareable.

Be expressive.

Record your face, voice and screen using any desktop or mobile browser. Read from a script or record multiple takes as needed.

Recordings are uploaded instantly and ready for sharing. You can even upload an existing video, or embed videos hosted elsewhere.

Be helpful.

If needed, you can add a written message to provide useful information and links not easily communicated through the video. Add links to support articles, job listings – anything.

Be productive.

Get more done through a growing list of embedded integrations with your favorite collaboration and communication tools.

Pair your video message with the ability to schedule a meeting, complete a survey, sign a document and literally hundreds of use cases. The limit is truly your imagination.

Be accessible.

Viewers can respond to your message just as easily, even without a Kommute account.

Kommute for Teams

Everything your team needs for better communication and collaboration using the power of asynchronous video and voice messaging.
Vmail Addresses

Personal links for sending and receiving vmail messages.

Video Replies

Vmail and video viewers can reply with a video message.

Video Feed

See the latest videos created and shared by you and your team.

Video Uploads

Upload your recorded videos and host them on Kommute.

Video Channels

Organize shared internal videos by topic, team, or interest.

Video Embeds

Embed responsive videos into your website or internal wiki.

Secure Sharing

Share videos with specific people, your team, or the entire world.

Recording Scripts

Read from pre-written scripts so you always stay on message.

Contacts Integration

Send vmails to your Google contacts without leaving Kommute.

Team Directory

View profiles and quickly record and send videos to team members.

Custom Branding

Use your logo and colors in the app, video links and emails.


Click any word in the transcript to jump to that time in the video.


Connect Kommute to Slack to post videos directly into channels.


Record, share and watch video messages from any device.


Localized dates and times for both the team and individuals.

Limitless Use Cases

Kommute video messages help everyone communicate more effectively.
Promote a new job opening
Share a weekly team update
Onboard and train a new hire
Give coaching to an employee
Share a big announcement
Create a video-based activity
Reengage a cold sales lead
Send an offer to a candidate
Recognize an employee
Welcome a new customer
Demonstrate a physical task
Answer a support question

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