Video Messaging Use Cases

Here’s a few common and creative use cases for Kommute.

Great new hires, every time

Attracting and recruiting top talent is both essential and challenging. Kommute video messages ensure your recruiting efforts stand out, helping you build stronger connections with the candidates you want to hire and ultimately gain an edge in a competitive talent market.

  • Source more applicants by announcing new positions with compelling video messages. 
  • Attract passive candidates by sending personalized video invitations to apply for positions.
  • Make compelling job offers by sending candidates a personalized video message along with their offer letter.

Fast, effective onboarding

Your new hire onboarding experience isn’t just about your new hires completing paperwork, but also helping them learn and build rapport with teammates. Kommute streamlines onboarding tasks and timelines while creating a more informative, personalized new hire experience. 

  • Make new hires feel welcome by having team members send personalized video introductions before the employee’s start date.
  • Orient new employees faster by creating a reference library of videos sharing best practices, tribal knowledge, core values, and more.
  • Reduce team distractions by having employees record and share their onboarding or training sessions instead of scheduling meetings.
Professional Development

Employees reaching their full potential

It can be hard for remote managers to find time to support professional development. Using short recorded videos, managers can be sure that team members receive adequate training, coaching, and career guidance without creating a burdensome workload.

  • Accelerate learning by creating recurring challenges to record the perfect pitch, product demo, or presentation for evaluation by managers and peers. 
  • Develop your team by sending regular, personalized coaching videos, and skill refresher videos.
  • Encourage self-learning by creating an internal library of video resources to help employees proactively manage their careers.
Employee Engagement

Engaged employees and high retention

Employees are more productive and committed when they feel engaged. Kommute helps managers and HR augment real-time engagement efforts with asynchronous engagement touchpoints that keep employees feeling connected.

  • Keep employees motivated by encouraging team leaders to create a habit of sharing informative, motivational, or inspirational video messages.
  • Build camaraderie by celebrating employee milestones and achievements with congratulatory videos shared on shared video channels. 
  • Improve employee performance by increasing the frequency and quality of employee feedback through private video messages.
People and Culture

Great remote culture and camaraderie

Creating an amazing remote culture is a challenge. Shared video channels are a creative way to capture and curate the employee experiences that define your company culture, wherever they occur.

  • Make your culture visible by encouraging employees to post office or home videos to shared video channels for holidays, company traditions, and more. 
  • Strengthen employee connections by creating interest-based video channels for anything from sharing pet videos to tips for working remotely. 
  • Build remote relationships by creating shared experiences through video challenges and activities such as virtual karaoke.

Employees performing at their very best

Teams are the most productive when everyone has a clear direction, the right resources, and minimal distractions. Kommute reduces everyone’s time in meetings while keeping teams aligned, informed, and getting things done.

  • Give employees back their time by replacing unnecessary meetings and emails with short video messages.
  • Keep everyone aligned by creating team and company-wide video channels for sharing periodic updates and other important information. 
  • Capture tribal knowledge by building an internal library of video resources that document best practices.

Marketing that feels more personalized

Marketing teams rely on effective coordination with internal teams, external vendors, and even customers to get projects and campaigns done. Kommute video messages are a great way to generate creative marketing assets while keeping collaborators on the same page.

  • Increate conversion rates by asking your loyal customers to record video testimonials that can then be used throughout your marketing Web pages.
  • Generate more leads by showcasing your product through full or feature-specific demos that can be easily shared with customers.
  • Manage marketing projects better by recording kick-off meetings, design reviews, and other marketing conversations so new collaborators get up to speed fast.

Engaged, productive sales teams

Successful sales teams know building a personal connection with prospects is important to closing deals, and successful sales managers know engaged sales teams perform better. Add recorded video to your internal and external sales conversations to capture the attention of prospects, stand apart from competitorsand close more deals.

  • Ramp sales productivity faster using short onboarding, training, and personalized coaching videos that continually reinforce good sales habits. 
  • Keep sales teams motivated by sharing private feedback and public recognition videos that maintain high morale and increase retention. 
  • Close more deals by engaging sales leads creatively with authentic video messages for prospecting, product demos, follow-ups, and more.
Customer Success

Loyal customers and brand advocates

Retaining customers is just as important to a successful business as acquiring them. Adding Kommute video messages to your customer support efforts will differentiate your company when communicating with customers, creating lucrative, long-lasting relationships.

  • Help customers help themselves by recording a library of how-to videos to address common product questions and issues.
  • Provide better support by using recorded video to show, (rather than tell) exactly how to solve a problem or perform a task.
  • Improve customer retention by using video messages to welcome new customers,  celebrate anniversaries, send holiday greetings, share product updates, and more.

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