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Use personalized video messages to attract, engage and close job candidates.
Janette Charlton

Send a video instead

Kommute makes recording personalized video messages fast and easy so your recruiting efforts grab (and keep) the attention of top candidates.
Record using your desktop or mobile browser...
... Share a link to your video instantly and securely.

Increase the response rate of contacted candidates.


Get candid, verbal feedback on candidates without meeting.


Make a compelling final pitch to accompany your offer.

Share everywhere

Wherever you’re communicating with candidates, Kommute elevates your message. Add video to your emails, texts, LinkedIn DM’s, etc.
Share the direct link to your video message...
...or share it through email, LinkedIn or SMS.

How it works

Combine video, text and your favorite tools to send persuasive video messages that move candidates through your recruitment process.

A friendly face.

From any desktop or device, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly record and share personalized videos when sourcing candidates, coordinating interviews, sharing internal feedback, present compelling job offers, and so much more.

Written details.

Complete your message by adding important context to accompany your video, such as: details of the position, links to your job listing and careers website, or the LinkedIn profiles of the hiring manager. Simply put, if you can include it in an email, you can add it to your video message.

Next steps.

Kommute has a growing list of integrations that streamline the recruiting process. Easily embed a scheduling link to your calendar, survey forms to collect feedback, or e-signature documents.

Introducing Vmail

Receive video replies from candidates, hiring managers and interviewers.

Your personalized video mail inbox

Your vmail address is a unique, customizable link that you can share with candidates, hiring managers, or anyone else to enable them to send you private video messages – no downloads or apps required.

Using your vmail address, hiring managers can provide clear feedback on job descriptions before they are posted. Candidates can reply directly to your initial outreach, plus record introductory messages for hiring managers. And interviewers can easily record candid candidate feedback.

With Kommute two-way video messaging, your team can foster the kind of face-to-face communication necessary for successful talent acquisition, without the need for real-time, face-to-face meetings.

Plus these awesome features

Custom Branding

Use your logo and colors to showcase your recruitment brand.

Shared Video Library

Create an internal library of videos with controlled accessibility.


Senders and receivers can use Kommute from any device.

Video Requests

Send requests for video responses, complete with instructions.

Video Embeds

Add recruiting videos to your careers website or job listing.

Video Replies

Candidates can reply to your message by email or video.

Video Uploads

Upload your pre-recorded recruiting videos to Kommute.

Recruiting Scripts

Read from pre-written scripts so you always stay on message.


Click any word in the transcript to jump to that time in the video.

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