About Us

Our mission is to make video messaging essential to a remote team’s success.

The future of work is not HQs and office parks. It’s dynamic, distributed companies that recruit and retain talent no matter where it’s found. Kommute helps your company prepare for the future of work.

While there are many benefits to having distributed employees, there are also many challenges. It can be tricky to keep everyone on the same page when people work in different locations, and creating a unified culture is especially difficult when your company has no office and everyone’s work life revolves around staring at the bottom-third of Slack channels. Without regular human interaction, employees become less engaged, less productive and even less healthy.

The key to growing a distributed company is preventing the communication, coordination and cultural issues often found in distributed teams. This means everyone needs to learn how to communicate asynchronously, and fast. While Zoom is great for human connection through real-time video meetings, and Slack is great for staying productive through asynchronous messaging, there is no tool that combines the best of both worlds – one that makes video-based, asynchronous messaging possible.

As you might have guessed, here is where we say, “But now there’s Kommute!”

Kommute is a whole new thing. It’s a unique video messaging platform that removes all the hurdles to sharing work-related video messages. With nothing more than your browser and a webcam, Kommute makes it easy to record and share interactive video messages with friends, coworkers and customers. And when you use Kommute, you soon realize it’s about more than just sending videos. Our ever-growing list of integrations helps you boost productivity using the speed and clarity of better communication.

From coaching, to sales enablement, to team updates, and even onboarding, the use cases for Kommute are endless. We invite you to create an account and see how Kommute strengthens connections across countries and continents.

And yes – we are fully distributed, too! 😉