Video messaging @work

Kommute is a new way to communicate remotely through instantly shareable videos.

For Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers

Video for Remote Work

Easily record and share videos to connect with customers, engage employees, collaborate with teammates, and change the way you work.
Eliminate unnecessary meetings
Communicate more effectively
Build strong remote connections

Record your face, voice, or screen.

Quickly record a high-quality video using only your desktop or mobile browser. No plugins or apps needed.

Attach some productivity.

Bring your message to life through powerful integrations with a growing list of your favorite collaboration tools.

Share your message.

Share your video with specific people, your team or even the entire world with flexible sharing and privacy options.

Get video responses.

Receive video replies from message recipients, even if they do not have their own Kommute account.

Invite the team.

Bring everyone together in a shared video workspace with customizable channels for team communication, collaboration and culture.

Work your way.

Integrate with popular communication tools so you can seamlessly add video messaging to your existing workflow.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Messaging @Work

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Limitless Use Cases

The only limit is your imagination.
Remote Collaboration

Stay aligned and connected, wherever you work.

External Communication

Use the persuasive power of video to send the right message.

Screen Recordings

Share a screen recording when it’s the best way to share an idea.


Be more expressive and persuasive with coworkers and customers.


Eliminate unnecessary meetings and miscommunications.


Grow culture and camaraderie with a video-centric social intranet.

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